As of 2015, Pens & Needles is changing the way we operate and teach our students to a more realistic, life challenging course for apprentice. Our impact and influence in body art is immeasurable and no doubt immense. And yet, in working with our artist, they possess a modest demeanor, a grounded spirit, and a heightened respect for their jobs as teachers. They are passionate about art instruction as they are about art making. As instructors, they teach with openness and honesty, graciously sharing their wisdom and knowledge with every student. They express great pride in the success and talent of their apprentice.

“We learn a lot from our students. Some of them are so extremely talented before we even get to them. We just happen to bring out something that takes them further in different mediums that create another form of greatness” Kristina Wright, owner.

For the body artist/teachers it’s a nice way for them to get out of the environment as body artist, which really transforms their work. They are constantly looking for that honest state in a body artist. To achieve the level of honesty they are looking for in body art, they openly operate as conduits of each other’s ideas and instigators of experimentation. Our Apprenticeship Program is different in that you get to be free experimenting with different styles, and different artist. The nature of art is to facilitate expression, communicate identity, and assert some relevant relationship between the student, and teacher.

This is the space which your collaborative practice thrives, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It takes a confident artist with tremendous capacity for trust, practice, and mutual respects to be able apply for our Apprenticeship Program. If you are serious, inquire; if you are unsure inquire to at least get our perspective and expectations as a student.