Our body jewelry is made from the best quality materials available. We use only approved implant grade titanium and nickel-free solid 14k gold. We also can make you custom body jewelry and body piercing jewelry accessories. If you don't see it in our catalogs, just draw a picture of your desired design. Bring your idea to us in studio, or e-mail it to Let us put our talents to work, and customize that one of kind jewelry for you!

We sell handcrafted custom, and manufactured body jewelry for every piercing!

BODY JEWELRY INCLUDES: tongue rings, belly rings, nose rings, barbells, captive bead rings, labret studs, tongue studs, dermal anchors, surface barbells, seamless rings, continuous rings, ear rings, nipple rings, tongue barbells, labret jewelry, navel jewelry, bellybutton jewelry, nostril jewelry, lip rings, industrial barbells, septum jewelry, replacement barbell ends, and replacement captive beads.

BODY JEWELRY BRANDS CARRIED: BVLA, Neometal, Anatometal, Industrial Strength, Tawapa, Eleven44, Gorilla Glass, Oracle, Diablo Body Jewelry, and Kaos!