Pens & Needles Custom Tattoo Company is proud to offer our customers the best in custom body jewelry! Tawapa is one of our admired companies providing excellent quality in organic jewelry! Here's some more information about Tawapa:

Tawapa Yesterday:

First, it gave name to a Native American tribe located in what is now northern New Mexico and the fertile valley that housed them.

Second, it moonlighted as an outlaw utopia of communal living in that same region from 1967-1992 created by back-to-the-landers in the late 60's, who squatted the valley and built off-the-grid adobe houses which was one of the childhood homes to our owner, Phoebe Minona Durland.

Tawapa Today:

The envisioned livelihood of Durland and established in 1996, it is a perceptive and bold line of excellent quality organic jewelry, created with the highest standards possible. It is the product of creative passion, a fascination with native cultures, ritual and tribal rites, a love of anthropology and extensive time spent living and traveling among native cultures in Latin America and Southeast Asia and India.

Tawapa uses the best materials they can find. Except for items which have become industry standards, their designs are lovingly imagined by yours truly: ourselves. Tawapa is proud to offer the largest variety of trustworthy, beautiful, and unique designs. It is one of their most important goals to maintain the raised bar of quality control within the "organics" jewelry industry. Having recently opened a retail shop of their very own, they get first hand feedback about their jewelry, and they’ve always benefited from suggestions from retailers like Pens & Needles. Because we work so closely with their carvers, our suggestions and comments are not only always taken to heart but also considered for implementation. They do our best to be meticulous in working out the inherent kinks of hand carved jewelry.

They have also taken great pains over the years (and continue to do so) to focus on achieving accuracy of gauge size. Though they offer jewelry sized by the millimeter, they strive to match their sizes to the appropriate and exact gauge.

Their jewelry is handmade by very skilled craftspeople who are like family to us.